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Website localisation

Our customers need to be present in diverse markets and geographical areas in order to sell their products and services and to provide support and maintain a good relationship with their customers and suppliers. Therefore, companies need websites locally adapted to the markets they want to position themelves.

Traducción web

At Fidelia Linguistic Solutions we specialise in website localisation project management for companies of any size and in any geographical area. Our job is to make sure your website is positioned as one of the best in its industry at professional, brand and service or product level, and ranked in a leading position in Internet search engines. Localising a website is not just about translation. It is the fusion of cutting-edge computer engineering technology , the best computer-assisted translation (CAT) and localisation tools, a deep understanding of online marketing and translation by native linguists, revisers and terminologists specialised by field of translation. We adapt your website to dynamic, attractive language for your public and business.

We specialise in the localisation of multilingual websites and mobile applications, transmitting and positioning your business in essence and nature in all those markets in which you want to be present.

In order to properly undertake website localisation projects we must understand the cultural and linguistic aspects of the target languages.

Also, we offer you initial consulting in which cultural, linguistic, technological and marketing aspects are included and interrelated in order to define the strategy and approach that best meets your needs. Your website must be highly attractive to the target audience of your services and products.

Lastly, we offer you updated maintenance of your website, such that everything updated in the content of the original web pages can be updated in the target languages.

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