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Interpretation agency

Language interpretation is the transmission of a set of messages by an interpreter from one language to another.

At Fidelia Linguistic Solutions, interpretation agency in Madrid, we plan your events, conferences, meetings, seminars or training course from start to finish. We have years of experience in the management of interpretation projects of any nature in Spain and abroad.

A personalised manager specialised in interpretation projects will help you to ensure successful communication at your event.

We offer you comprehensive language and sign language interpretation services in every language of the European Union, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. There are different interpretation modalities that adapt to the needs of each customer, situation and context. Also, we offer the interpretation service in any market sector in which your company is present.

Your Event in 5 Steps


1. Type of act (event, conference, seminar, speech, meeting, training course, etc.)

2. Language combination: specify the number of source and target languages

3. Date(s), times and place

4. Discipline or sector to be covered by the interpretation at the event

5. Support materials for the interpreters

Additionally, at our interpretation agency, in the case of simultaneous translation we supply the personnel and technical equipment, which includes interpretation cabins, receivers, microphones, public address systems, projectors and any recording or reprography equipment required for the proper functioning of the event.

Interpretation modalities



In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter must faithfully reproduce the content of the speaker or speakers’ speech in the language of the audience or public. The content of the speech must be transmitted simultaneously or as quickly as the source language permits in order for the public receiving the speech to hear what the speaker or speakers are saying in real time.

Simultaneous interpretation is normally used at business events, international conferences, speeches by one or more speakers and training courses. Also, simultaneous interpretation may be contracted in one or more languages in accordance with the customer’s needs.

When the simultaneous interpretation service extends for more than 1.5 hours, the interpretation will be performed by two interpreters per language combination in order to guarantee a quality service, since it is considered that after 1 hour of continuous interpretation, the fluidity and quality of a simultaneous interpreter’s work begins to decline.

There is a simultaneous interpretation modality called relay that used in multilingual communication. One or two interpreters translate into a pivot or bridge language, from which it is interpreted into the other languages.

Simultaneous interpretation and audio equipment

If you decide to contract a simultaneous interpretation service, we will provide you with all the necessary technical equipment to ensure the proper functioning of audio and video at your event. We offer interpretation cabins, power supplies, different types of microphones, public address systems, lecterns and any recording system and reprography material or Infoport suitcase you need.

Fidelia Linguistic Solutions guarantees the success of any business event you need.

Servicios de Interpretación simultánea
Agencia de interpretación para empresas en Madrid



In consecutive interpretation, there is a speaker who gives a speech or message which the interpreter must faithfully reproduce in the target language of the public or audience. The transmission or reproduction of the message is performed once the speaker has finished speaking in short speeches with a duration of no more than 20 or 30 minutes. When the interpretation extends for over 30 minutes, the interpreter must agree upon pauses with the speaker so that the interpreter can intervene and reproduce the speech guaranteeing the maximum quality. The interpreter uses a note-taking technique that allows him/her to reproduce the speaker’s speech once he/she has finished speaking.
When the consecutive interpretation service extends for over 1.5 hours, the interpretation is performed by two interpreters per language combination in order to guarantee a quality service, since after 1 hour of continuous interpretation, the fluidity and quality of a simultaneous interpreter’s work begins to decline.
Consecutive interpretation is used for speeches, meetings between private individuals or companies, training courses, etc.



It is a variant of simultaneous interpretation in which the interpreter reproduces the speech given by a speaker at a conference, meeting or event of any kind to a listener or group of listeners with a language other than that of the speech at events in which the simultaneous interpretation service has not been contracted because both the speaker and the public share the same language.

Agencia interpretación susurrada
Agencia de interpretación de enlace



In this interpretation modality, the interpreter reproduces the speech in both directions in the languages of the participants in a meeting or conversation. The interpreter translates into the languages of both participants indistinctly and does not have to take notes, since the dialogues and speeches of each participant are usually short in order to dynamise the conversation.

This type of interpretation is normally used at sales meetings between companies and private individuals.



It is a relay interpretation in which the interpreter travels within Spain or abroad accompanying a customer who needs to perform administrative, commercial or private formalities, visits, tourism, etc. The interpreter reproduces the participants’ dialogues to and from each language.

Agencia interpretación acompañamiento
Agencia de interpretación Madrid



This type of interpretation is performed by a sworn interpretercertified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is used to transmit what is said in one language faithfully and with guarantees into the target language.

This type of interpretation is normally used at acts before a notary, courts or to bear witness before any official body that requires this type of services.



As its name suggests, this type of interpretation is used to communicate to people with a different language over the phone. They may be private conversations or between company representatives. The interpreter may communicate with more than one person with different language combinations.

Agencia interpretación telefónica
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