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At Fidelia Linguistic Solutions we have the best professionals in the translation industry. Our governing body is composed by partners who know the industry and a General Manager with over 10 years' experience managing teams and leading the growth strategies of various translation agencies. In turn, the company has department directors who coordinate the project management, production, technical, commercial, marketing and administration areas.

All the collaborators who form part of our external team undergo rigorous aptitude tests in their fields of translation and expertise and language skills.

The following professionals participate in our projects:

Project managers

Senior and junior language translation, localisation and interpretation project managers with extensive experience in project management and specialised by sector and language combination. They coordinate all the translators, localisers, interpreters, revisers, terminologists, testers and transcribers with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum quality of the projects. Also, they have extensive experience in the use of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and localisation and digitisation, conversion and text extraction software.


Translators with varying degrees of experience ranging between 2 and 25 years in the industry. All our translators are native speakers of their target language and have a perfect command of the source language. Moreover, they are specialised by market sector and discipline.


Simultaneous, consecutive, sworn, relay, liaison and whispering interpreters who guarantee the highest quality service. They have extensive experience in the various types of interpretation and have a perfect command of their working language combinations. Additionally, they are specialised by sector but can offer a magnificent service if provided with support materials and documentation prior to providing the service.

Software and website localisers

Software and website localisers with extensive experience in language engineering. They have a perfect command of software and website localisation tools and follow strict procedures to ensure that the localised products adapt both linguistically and culturally to the target languages and countries.

Revisers and terminologists

Revisers and terminologists, translation professionals specialised in reviewing and controlling specific terminology. They carry out a rigorous grammatical, syntactic and semantic control of the texts we translate. Additionally, they are in charge of maintaining translation memories and creating specific and general glossaries and terminology databases. They work as a team with the project managers, translators and terminologists and are responsible for guaranteeing quality control together with the project managers. They are native speakers of their target language and have a perfect command of the source language. They inform us of the degree of quality of the translations made by our translators.


Transcreators, professionals with extensive experience in transmitting of a set of messages from one language to another, triggering the same reactions and impressions on reader of the source and target languages. All our transcreators are native speakers of their target languages and have advertising and marketing training.

Computer engineers, linguists and DTP (Desktop Publishing) and layout specialists

Computer engineers, linguists and DTP (Desktop Publishing) and layout specialists with extensive experience in information technology linked to the translation industry. They have a perfect command of CAT tools, localisation, digitisation and file conversion software, and image editing and text extraction software.
They have a deep understanding of Fidelia Linguistic Solutions and work side-by-side with project managers.


Testers, professionals in charge of checking the localised products. They focus on reviewing and checking format, audio, video and images.

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