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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

At Fidelia Linguistic Solutions we focus our Corporate Social Responsibility on three basic pillars:

Sustainability and environment

We are committed to the use of clean, renewable energies. We aim to form part of international covenants on the sustainable use of clean energy sources, moderate consumption and natural resources.


The most prized capital of Fidelia Linguistic Solutions is its employees and external collaborators. That's why we have focused on offering appropriate working conditions and creating an appropriate work environment from the start of our activity.

We aim to provide the best working conditions in the following aspects:

Flexible working hours

Work/life balance of our employees

Retention of talent and training of our professionals

Constant motivation of our professionals and creation of an attractive work environment

Equal employment opportunities

Commitment to society and universities

Good practices and transparency

At Fidelia Linguistic Solutions we believe that a basic pillar of our work is based on honest and transparent horizontal and vertical internal communication between our professionals. Furthermore, we have created a collaboration framework with our customers and providers.

We offer our customers services compliant with industry quality standards, that follow strict quality and reliability procedures. We keep our customers informed of everything related to our work. Also, we have created a framework of honest collaboration with our providers that will guarantee and safeguard good practices and our relationship with them.

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